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Plan Approved - November 2017!

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Oak Knoll Development Plan (Sept 2017)

  • Housing: 918 units, mostly townhomes (the 2016 plan had 935 units; the 2005 plan, 960 units).
  • Commercial: 72,000 square feet (grocery, restaurant, coffee shop).
  • Club Knoll: Restored/relocated (commercial 10,000 square feet, homeowner association meeting house 4,000 square feet).
  • Open Space/Parks:  83 acres to include knoll, oak woodlands, restored creek corridor, and 4 miles of public trails.

According to SunCal, the economic benefits of the 180+ acre project include $6.4 million for the Oakland school district, $20 million for affordable housing, $36.8 million in annual revenue to Oakland, and 5,000 jobs.

SunCal Releases Revised Plan Map (Sept 2017)

September 2017 & Prior Plan Maps (Click Here)


People all over the San Francisco Bay Area are advocating for the development of environmentally sensitive, sustainable communities. We are working to ensure that Oak Knoll will be one of them. Our goals are clear:

  • Preservation of the knoll and northeast woodlands as open space.

  • Restoration of the Rifle Range Creek corridor as a greenbelt.

  • A suitable community center to replace Club Knoll.

  • Reasonable housing density.

  • Mitigation of environmental impacts.

It’s been a 20-year marathon to redevelop the former Oak Knoll Naval base in Oakland, California. But the planning continues. We must persist to see our goals achieved. 



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