The Coalition is working to create a vibrant new Oak Knoll community that could serve as a hub for south-east Oakland. Unlike most military bases, the Oak Knoll property is surrounded by existing residential communities.

We believe that a successful development at Oak Knoll must include public walking trails, a community center, tree preservation, and a new open space park that would extend from the knoll to the Rifle Range Creek corridor.

The project must also address environmental issues such as air and water pollution, as well as anticipated impacts due to light, traffic and noise. With sensitivity to these issues and with reasonable housing density, Oak Knoll could be a successful project for all involved.

For our comments on the new 2015 Development Plan, click here.


Knoll and Northeast Woodlands Preservation

Oak Knoll

Preservation of the knoll is an important goal of the Oak Knoll Coalition. With stunning views of San Francisco Bay, nearby parklands and hills, we believe this natural feature should be preserved for future generations.

Oakland’s General Plan favors conserving the northeast oak woodlands and knoll at Oak Knoll as open space. Development on these areas would also not be consistent with the Final Reuse Plan.

Although previously the developer (SunCal) agreed in 2006 to keep the knoll as open space, it later proposed an increased density plan that called for grading the knoll and ridge for upscale housing. Neighbors strongly objected. The planning process was halted, and the project was stalled in bankruptcy.

Currently, the new 2015 Plan retains the knoll and northeast woodlands as open space although the ridge will be graded for housing. The Coalition continues to advocate for open space at the knoll and northeast woodlands.

For the history of the knoll and ridge preservation, click here.

Rifle Range Creek Restoration

Rifle Range Creek

Rifle Range Creek

Rifle Range Creek is one of the few year-round creeks in Oakland. It is protected under Oakland Creek Ordinances, as well as applicable state and federal laws. The Coalition advocates for fully daylighting Rifle Range Creek and restoring the creek corridor to a native ecosystem.

Partnership with Regional Parks

It is our goal to create a new East Bay Regional Park at Oak Knoll. For over 20 years, the Coalition has worked to make this dream a reality.

East Bay Regional Parks owns and manages over 100,000 acres in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for both conservation and active recreation.

These parks promote species conservation, as well as human health. Parks also generate significant economic value (Click here for economic report).

The East Bay Regional Park District has repeatedly shown an interest in preserving the knoll, ridge and creek corridor at Oak Knoll, and has indicated a willingness to work together with developers. In fact, the park district is already committed to spending $720,000 on future creek and trail projects at Oak Knoll (for details see Documents page).

A new East Bay Regional Park at Oak Knoll would undoubtedly bring significant value to the development.

Rare Oakland Star Tulip, like those at the Oak Knoll site (Wikipedia photo)

Rare Oakland Star Tulip, like those at the Oak Knoll site (Wikipedia photo)