Water, Soil and Air Pollution

The Coalition has long been concerned about water, soil, and air pollution. We will continue to advocate for strict adherence to environmental regulations during the final demolition, grading and construction phases. We will also report pollution incidents and ongoing hazards to the appropriate agencies.

Noise and Light Pollution

Since the Oak Knoll property is completely surrounded by existing residential communities, noise and light pollution are significant ongoing issues. It is our short-term goal to reduce impacts to neighbors during the final demolition, grading and construction phases of development.

Longer term, we are focused on limiting noise and light impacts from any new commercial development. Restrictions on the hours of commercial operation and restrictions on illuminated signage will be needed. However, other smart design elements should also be considered. Among these options are greenbelts to isolate commercial and residential zones, low-level light fixtures, and sound-dampening road surfaces.


With new housing and commercial development at Oak Knoll, traffic is expected to significantly increase on Mountain Boulevard and at both nearby freeway intersections.

Since base closure in the 1990s, new homes at the Leona Quarry have noticeably increased congestion at the I-580 intersections at Keller Avenue.

Future expansion of the Oakland Zoo will bring more traffic to the busy I-580 intersections at Golf Links Road.

For these reasons, appropriate community-engaged traffic mitigation measures will be essential.