1920s  The Oak Knoll Golf and Country Club was developed at the site.

1942    The U.S. Navy purchased the land and commissioned the base. Several wooden buildings were constructed in the 1940s and 1950s. The Oak Knoll hospital was completed in 1968.

1993    The Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center was decommissioned. The planning process for base reuse began. Oak Knoll Neighbors (the Oak Knoll Coalition’s precursor), attended public meetings, reviewed public benefit applications, helped negotiate a settlement with the homeless collaborative, and participated in outreach to the community.

1996    The Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center officially closed.

1998    The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) was published. Due to public advocacy, large tracts of open space at the ridge/knoll, creek preservation, and Club Knoll retention were included in the plans.

2006    SunCal (with Lehman Brothers) bought Oak Knoll for $100 million. The Oak Knoll Coalition again took an active role in planning and advocacy and expanded its outreach to neighbors.

2008  Oak Knoll landed in bankruptcy court. The Oak Knoll Coalition helped secure over $4 million from the court to address blight and security at the abandoned base. All the buildings, except Club Knoll, were demolished in 2011.

2014  In May 2014, SunCal purchased Oak Knoll for the second time. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the sale price was $76 million, considerably less than the $100 million previously paid. The planning process will resume.