Since 1993 we have led the effort to protect open space at Oak Knoll

Who We Are

The Oak Knoll Coalition was created in the 1990s to bring long-term public benefits at the closed Oak Knoll Navy Base in Oakland, California. Members have been involved in all aspects of the long planning process. We have spoken at public meetings, hired lawyers, educated neighbors, prepared official comments regarding environmental reports, and met with city staff, council members, as well as prospective site developers.

Collectively, the Coalition serves 2,500 homes with six residential associations involved: Sequoyah Heights, Sequoyah Hills, Shadow Woods, Associated Residents of Sequoyah Highlands, Sequoyah Hills/Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association, and the Oak Knoll Neighborhood Improvement Association.

Our Successes

  • We have led the effort for environmentally sensitive, sustainable community development at Oak Knoll.

  • We advocated for creek restoration and preservation of open space at the knoll and adjacent woodlands.

  • We worked with East Bay Regional Parks to secure $720,000 from Measure WW for creek restoration and trails.

  • We worked to secure over $4 million to abate blight and restore security at the abandoned base.


Oakland City Attorney John Russo credits "the Sequoyah Hills/Oak Knoll neighbors for their work and leadership on this issue."  (2010)

The Sierra Club joined neighbors in opposing development of the Oak Knoll hilltop and ridgeline:

"we align ourselves with community and citizen groups seeking to protect this land as open space and native habitat"

-- Kent Lewandowski, Chair, Sierra Club Northern County (2007)